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Colorado Custom Sheds

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Our process


This page provides a quick overview of how we build awesome sheds... This is a basic build.

floorframe floorply

All sheds start out on treated 4 x 4 runners.

Next comes a 2 x 4 treated frame, 16in. on center,

with 3/4 in. plywood for floor decking.


The walls are 2 x 4 constructed, 24in. on center, with double top plates.

The standard siding is pre-primed 3/8 osb type plywood, with 8in. vertical lines and a stamped-in wood grain texture.

wallsroof shedroof

The roof is constructed with 2 x 4 trusses, 24in. on center, and 15/32 osb roof decking.

nodoor complete

Trim boards are 1 x 4 pine and go on the corners and eves. Also included are 8in. x 16in. vents and caulking.


The standard doors that come with non-custom sheds have a 5ft. x 6ft. opening. They are 2 x 4 frame built right on to the siding. The door is hinged with 72 inch piano hinges. The door hardware consists of two 4 inch barrel bolts and a 6in. hasp lock.



You are always welcome to go custom with any part of build.

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